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Friday, October 29, 2010

Best Buys Of The Week

This weeks best buys come from fashion addict an online store which sells cheap nail polish, cosmetics (mainly consisting of the brand 'BYS'), skincare products and jewellery and such.

Here's what I got.....

BYS Glam Glitter- holographic glitter in blue, green and gold. I like the blue one the best. So excited to have these, holographic glitter polishes are my absolute favourite!

BYS cracked nail polish kit in red. The concept of nail polish having a cracked effect sounds interesting, I cannot wait to try it out!

BYS nail art lacquer in white. It has the perfect brush for those intricate nail art designs.

Boots botanics enriching milk bath (this stuff smells divine!) and BYS evening primrose oil face mask.

Overall I am extremely happy with my purchases, and I am very impressed with the fast postage- I placed my order on Saturday night and received my goodies on Tuesday morning! I will definitely be purchasing from this site again, so happy :)

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!!



Krissy said...

Ooh i order from fashion addict quite often... i love how its free shipping over $40 :D theyre located in elwood so thats why the shipping is so fast!

Emily Ruth said...

I know how great is it! You can get so much stuff when compared to buying one item and paying $10 for postage....it's a bit ridiculous just for one bottle of nail polish, you may as well spend $40! That's how they make their money though haha! Yeah I realised that when I got my package but I've ordered stuff from places close to Elwood and it took over a week so I was pretty impressed :)

Alanna said...

I'd love to see photos of how your crackle nail polish ended up!


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