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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Boxing Day Sale Bargains

I really enjoy this time of year, the craziness of Christmas has come and gone and the boxing day sales have finally hit the shops. I look forward to the boxing day sales every year, they are a welcomed piece of paradise for shopaholics like myself. I love the fact that I can pick up a gem of a bargain in the boxing day sales and buy that handbag I've been eyeing off or that stunning must have dress at half the price, thanks to someone giving me my favourite gift that I love to receive at Christmas- gift cards. One of the many things that I love most about Christmas is receiving gift cards and then spending every cent that has been lovingly loaded on the piece of precious plastic for my enjoyment in one hit during the sales. And while I very rarely venture to the shops the day after Christmas (it's madness at it's full potential), I have made a tradition of going on a massive shopping spree during the third or forth day of the epic sales. As usual I always find plenty of goodies still waiting for me. Here's what I picked up:

Over the shoulder bag from Target. I've been wanting one of these for so long, if you could see my handbag collection you would be surprised to find that I don't actually own one. Well now I do! I've been searching for the right one (yes, I'm really fussy) for way to long. It's perfect- exactly what I've been looking for. It's big enough, and it's pretty. Can't wait to go shopping again, it's going to be so much easier with this beauty.

Grey bag also from Target. Big enough to fit all my crap in it, and it will match with any outfit.

White bag, yep you guessed it- also from Target (I had a Target gift card). I absolutely love this bag! One of my favourite bag purchases. I told you I had a handbag fetish.

And the following is also from Target, it's just so cheap!

Oh how I love this dress. I love the colours! It's just absolutely gorgeous! I spotted it as soon as I walked in the store, fell in love and just had to have it. From $50 reduced to $30, it was too good of  a bargain to resist.

Earrings. Reduced from $8 to $4, yes please.

This ring is so beautiful! I've been wanting one like this but I refuse to pay $15- $25 for one, but this was on sale for $8. Bargain of a buy if you ask me.

I also did a massive craft haul as my work had 30% off! I'm always in need of craft equipment as I do a lot of scrapbooking, card making and such as I'm hoping to get my craft business (selling handmade gifts) up and running within the next couple of years.

Some much needed cutting equipment- paper trimmer and scorer, big butterfly punch (I have some gorgeous cards in mind with this punch) shape cutter and stencils.

Glitter alpha embellishments. I grabbed a whole stack of these because they were only around $1 and they'll look fantastic on cards, scrapbook pages, gift tags and photo frames! Can't wait to craft with these!

I absolutely love embossing and die cut folders! They are so much fun to create cards with! I especially like the love heart embossing/die cut combo, so looking forward to creating valentines day cards with this! These folders are to be used with the EZ Cut machine, which is only sold in Lincraft stores. The bonus is that these folders are also compatible with my cuttlebug machine. YAY!

Decorative tag embellishment. I have a really cute card idea in mind to make use of this gorgeous embellishment.

 More gorgeous embellishments.

 Pretty tags. These will come in handy for gift tags, cards, boxes and gift bags.

 Easter embellishments. I'm getting stuck into Easter crafts soon! I love making Easter crafts, they are just so darn cute!

 JO SONJA'S  acrylic matte fluid paint. I love these paints. They are really great quality and they are a dream to paint with. At 30% off, I was sure to stock up!

I would have liked to have looked in more than two stores, but energy wouldn't allow. From what I saw though, there were so many awesome bargains, and I'm happy that I bagged a few.


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Alanna said...

Oh wow you did good!! Where do you work?

I have that fiskars 12" trimmer as well... how do you get it to score, not cut? I need a new blade for mine...

Krissy said...

oooh awesome bargains! i totally agree with going shopping on the 3rd/4th day of the sales...its still just as good minus the crazy crowd!

Tiff said...

You've3 done some wonderful shopping...by the way how much did all those cutters and whole punches cost? I don't5 have any and would love to buy some to expand my scrapbooking skills hahaha. I Would love to start making my own cards too, if you could teach me a thing or too :)

Emily Ruth said...

Alanna- I work at Lincraft! I actually haven't had a chance to use it yet but when I do I'll let you know! Did yours come with the bonus scoring blade? It looks like you just swap the blades over like a normal blade change but something tells me it isn't going to be that simple! I'll get back to you when I figure it out :)

Tiff- um they varied between $15 and $30 dollars each (normally) but I got 30% off so the cutters were around $20 something each. I saved hard during the year because I knew work would be having a sale haha!


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