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Monday, January 17, 2011

The party's where the pizzas at!

I enjoyed the most delicious pizza for dinner last night, and for me to be posting about you know that it has to taste pretty amazing! I ordered the tandoori chicken pizza, bursting with vibrant flavour- it's a party in your mouth.

Dressed with chicken breast fillets marinated in tandoori spices, shallots & crushed cashews, drizzled with mint yoghurt. It was divine! I ordered the large size because I'm  a pig smart, I now have left overs for lunch today! So I have some energy spare to do something other than exhausting myself from making lunch, that's one thing to be thankful for today!

This pizza is from a gourmet pizza bar called Crust. It cost $20 for a large and that's the cheapest price for a large! I normally refuse to pay $20 (I'm trying not to think that I could have bought three tops for that price)  for a pizza but this pizza is the only exception so you know it must be good! It's totally worth every single cent! The last time I ordered from crust I tried the satay chicken pizza and that was pretty awesome too! Their pizza bases are quite thin so if you like yours thick, than the upper crust pizzas are probably the go. Although, a little more pricey at $23 but boy the Moroccan lamb one sounds good! They deliver quick, the pizzas are amazing and the service is great. Crust pizzas are highly recommended.


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Stephanie Rose said...

love crust pizza in chicken tandoori its the best xxx

Krissy said...

yuuuuuuuum :D i had tandoori pizza from michaelangelo's once, it was soo good!

Tiff said...

I've had that pizza before it was really good. Even though they do cost a bit more than La Porchetta, it's worth it. They Taste so good. xoxo

Emily Ruth said...

Stephanie Rose- I know, it's just the best! I've never been a real pizza lover until now! I've just discovered how amazing their pizzas are so I'm a little over excited! I must stop by on your blog too when I've got a mintue spare Xx

Krissy- I went there a few year back and the service was terrible! Maybe I should visit there again and try it out :)

Tiff- Totally worth it! I've found my new favourite food- an exensive addiction though!


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