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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Top Ten Popular Posts Of 2010

I've seen many bloggers over the last week counting down their ten most popular posts of last year, thought it a great idea and decided that it would be fun to do as a post on my blog as well. I've finally gotten around to doing this post... one day late but here are my top ten popular posts (based on page views) of 2010!

#10. 30 Things About My Invisible Illness You May Not Know

#9. Thinking Things Through

#8. Spreading The Sticky Note Love

#7. Best Buys Of The Week (October 29 Edition)

#3. The Reality Of Invisible Chronic Illness

(image via weheartit.com)

And coming in at the number one post for 2010 is:

#1. Beyond Casseroles

Wishing you all a very happy new year!!


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PsyDet said...

Great idea for favorite posts! I should have done that :) Love your blog...added you to my reader!

Alanna said...

Thanks for the list - going to check out the ones I haven't read already :)

Tiff said...

Hey Sweety,

That was a great idea. My favourite blog post was your best buys post. You given me idea of what scrapbooking equipment i may need to purchase in the near future

Emily Ruth said...

PsyDet- Thankyou so much! I'm going to check out yours now too!

Alanna- Your welcome! Oh you are so good! Thanks heaps for reading my blog. Reading those posts will come in handy for my next blog post I have planned!

Tiff- Thanks darling!


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