Monday, February 28, 2011

Poetry And Praise- I Have Hope

On a dark and dreary day
When I can't seem
To find a way
I hear you whisper to me
That it will be okay
All I have to do
Is trust in what you say
For I know you hear
Me when I pray
In your presence
I quietly lay
In your love
I will forever stay
For you will never
Lead me astray
And because of you
I have a reason to live
And I gladly give
To you all my praise
And although at
Times I feel I'm at
The end of the rope
I know that in
You I have hope

© 2004 Emily Ruth

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phylor said...

Thanks for sharing your poetry. I have come to know several poets through the magic of the cyberverse.

Emily Ruth said...

Same! Glad to know the love of it hasn't disappeared completely!

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