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Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Nail Files Thursday- Satin Mani

This is a mani I did last year using one of the very many gorgeous colours that Satin have to offer. Satin is one of the many cheap chemist brands that are available and out of all of their colours this one is my favourite by far! I just love the metallic finish it gives and I lost count of how many compliments I got! Unfortunately I can't tell you what shade this is as Satin doesn't provide shade names on their bottles, which is really stupid if you ask me!

 Not bad for $2!!


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Anonymous said...

I'm envious of your nails and manicures.
I keep my finger nails short (they are thin and brittle -- breaking easily) for the most part, but have grown my pinky fingers a bit longer than the rest; that's my "mani." Though, if my nails ever stayed strong enough (didn't break into rough edges), I'd get a French manicure. I know that it's plain, but something about how folks nails look afterwards, makes me want one two.
A woman who is a cashier at one of the stores I shop in has the most incredible nails (most likely fake) that are always done up differently and to suit the season. If there is a celebration of any sort (July 1st, mother's day, spring, fall, etc.) her nails tell the story.
If I ever get brave enough, I'll ask if I can take a picture of her artwork for you.

Emily Ruth said...

yeah french manis are the best! I have gel nails now which means I've kept my natural nails but just have a gel overlay over them to make them stronger so they don't break so I can do nail art!

She probably has acrylic nails, but they sound great. I love nail art to suit the season. I'd love to see a photo!


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