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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Shabby Chic Saturday: Bedroom Renovations

The following pictures are of my bedroom and crafting area all squished into the one small room! Now that I've been blessed with the upstairs room to use as a bedroom only (thanks Dad!), my mission is to transform this room into my craft studio!

As you can see, there's not much floor space. I can't believe that I've been living in this claustrophobic hell for over two years! Don't get me wrong, I am greatly thankful that I even have a room at all. It breaks my heart to know that there are a ridiculous amount of destitute, homeless people. I foresee Random Acts of Blogging Kindness expanding to non bloggers in the future, but that's for another post.

My lovely bed soon to be sold or given away. I've upgraded to a double (in the same style to match my new and improved shabby chic style room). I'm currently on a mission to create a beautiful shabby chic style bed. Pictures coming shortly.

One very small Ikea wardrobe. I think it's fair to say that it's small for a fashion loving girl with way too many clothes.

My dressing table/hair, makeup, perfume and jewellery station (although I mainly use the bathroom, this is more for storage and decor purposes).

My beloved rocking chair- the only place I could fit it was in the corner which I find sad. It's suppose to be on display. I hope there is room for it in my craft studio, I can't bare the thought of departing with it. Oh and that cd storage rack has gotta go. Such an eye sore.

This is my crafting area. The bench space is far from adequate, the storage space is appalling and don't even get me started on how tiny the drawers are. Okay...so maybe I have far too much stuff but any crafter would understand that it's not ideal. Especially for a girl like me wanting to try and start a business!

So there you go, a tour of my bedroom which has sustained me for two years. Now for the fun part- renovating!

The first step? Transforming this yucky room into a beautiful shabby chic bedroom!

Those curtains and the colour of the walls should be illegal!

 I'll soon work my magic!

 Hello built-in-wardrobe, nice to finally meet you!

And the fun begins.....


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Krissy said...

ahh renovating rooms is soo fun :D i wish i had my own room to do my nails/makeup/wardrobe room... for now its all squished into my bedroom haha

Anonymous said...

I know all about not having enough space to do crafty things! Our tiny house is so small -- less than 400 square feet. Hubby is working on some ideas to reconfigure stuff, and carve out a space for me. Right now, every project has to get finished the same day I start as there is no room to lay it out over night -- it would end up being the place map for that night's supper ;) Looking forward to watching your new space come together -- thanks for sharing!

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