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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Blab About Beauty Tuesday: St. Ives Vitamin E Advanced Body Moisturiser Review

Product name: St. Ives Vitamin E Advanced Body Moisturiser

Product description: Discover the Swiss secrets for visibly healthy skin. Delivering the antioxidant power of vitamin E in a nutrient rich formula, St. Ives advanced body moisturiser helps protect against dry skin and naturally heals.

Product directions: Smooth into skin as often as needed. Daily use will prevent over-dry skin from recurring.

My thoughts: I was quite impressed with this moisturiser. It smelled lovely on my skin and it was quickly absorbed. It moisturised my skin well and kept dryness at bay. It is a great size and the convenient pump bottle allowed for mess free application.

Product ingredients: water (aqua), glycerin, mineral oil (paraffinum liquidum), stearic acid, glycol stearte, stearamide, petrolatum, dimethicone, tocopherol, tocopheryl acetate, chamomilla recutita (matricaria) flower extract, helianthus annuus (sunflower) extract, sambucus nigra flower extract, primula veris extract, theobroma cacao (cocoa) seed butter, glyceryl stearate, cetyl alcohol, triethanolamine, acetylated lanolin alcohol, cetyl acetate, magnesium aluminum silicate, carbomer, propylene glycol, propylparaben, methylparaben, DMDM, hydantoin, disodium EDTA, sorbitol, fragrance (parfum), yellow 5 (CI 19140).

The pros:

  • nice fragrance
  • quickly absorbed
  • protects against dry skin
  • provides soft smooth skin
  • conveniently packaged
  • reasonably priced for the quantity

The cons:

  • contains mineral oil which may contribute to blocked pores in some people

Would I purchase this again?: I really enjoyed using this moisturiser and I would definitely buy this again.

Size: 532ml RRP: $6.99 My rating: 4/5

stockists: priceline, supermarkets and pharmacies nationally



Monday, May 30, 2011

Best Fashion Buys Of Autumn 2011

 Here are my favourite fashion buys of Autumn:

I love boots. My wardrobe tells the story. I picked up these ankle boots with buckles from Target.

Lovely red floral print dress, $10 from Dotti

Vintage style dress from Valley Girl, $8

Ruffle Beige Jacket from Valley Girl

Brown Jacket from yep, you guessed it, Valley Girl- my favourite store! Love this one!

This 3/4 floral print top also from Valley Girl looks fantastic under the brown jacket

Denim jackets are back in fashion! I'm really excited about this, they look lovely over winter dresses with boots! However, I refuse to spend $40-$60 on one so I picked up a substitute... kind of similar, I guess. It will have to do until I find one on sale. This jacket comes from Top Shop with my kind of price tag, $10!

The following are all dresses that I picked up at Valley Girl, can you guess they had a HUGE sale? I kind of went a bit nuts because I love dresses- the perfect outfit teamed with boots, jackets or cute cardigans!


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Blogoversary & Birthday Bash Giveaway Winners!

So it's a couple days later than planned but I am finally able to announce the winners of my Blogoversary & Birthday Bash Giveaway! 

All entries after I announced the giveaway closed have been counted as silly me got international times muddled when I posted about it. That said, here are the winners (selected via random.org out of 61 entries):

Prize #1 winner is...

Barb K

Prize #2 winner is...


Congratulations Barb & Courtney! Please email me via the contacts page with your mailing address so I can get your goodies out to you!

Thanks to everyone who entered!


Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Nail Files Thursday: Mode 'Midsummer Dream' Glitter Manicure

I have another glitter manicure to show you because you can never have enough glitter!

For my base coat I used 3 coats of Mode nail enamel in the shade 'Midsummer Dream' (unfortunately I don't have a photo of this colour on its own because I forgot!) followed by 3 coats of Satin purple glitter (you can use any purple glitter polish) and that's it. Simple and sparkly!

I absolutely loved this manicure that I did last year. Two of my favourite things combined- purple and glitter!


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Poetry and Praise: I Can't Do This Anymore

I Can't Do This Anymore

I can't do this anymore
I liked my life the
Way it was before
Now I'm crying on 
The floor screaming
I can't do this anymore
This pain I can't ignore
I'm constantly sore
It seems there is
Nothing much left
To live for anymore
Into this darkness
I've been thrown
I feel so alone.

I can't do this anymore
I need You to open
Up heavens door
I can't fight this war
My broken heart
I need You to restore
I need more of You
I need a breakthrough
For I can't do this anymore
But in Your strength
I know I can for sure so
Search my heart, search my soul
I know a brighter day will come
For I am redeemed through
Your one and only son
And In Him the battle
Has already been won.

© 2007 by Emily Ruth


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Thankful Tuesdays

I know it seems as though Thankful Tuesdays has disappeared altogether from the blog agenda, but every fortnight when it comes round to doing the posts, I've been feeling too unwell. Now that I'm feeling a little more human, here's what I am thankful for today:

The yummy cupcakes I made on the weekend. I would post a picture but that would destroy the post that I have planned for Crafty Fridays. I'm totally going to make the ones pictured above, they look amazing!

Divine facial skincare products. Slapping on a good moisturiser is the best when you are not feeling too great. 

The sweet smell of perfume on my skin. Pretty perfumes always cheer me up. No matter how bad the pain, I'm so glad that I can at least smell good. The floral fragrance is a beautiful reminder throughout the day to be thankful for the simple things.

Having a comfortable bed and a good book to read. It's the best way to rest and get distracted from the pain.

Enjoying Spaghetti bolognese for dinner. My most favourite food. Hands down.

Spending a rainy day inside. Bliss.

(all images via weheartit.com)

What are you thankful for?


Friday, May 20, 2011

Crafty Fridays: Mother's Day Cupcakes

These are the cupcakes that I made recently for Mother's Day:

They are vanilla butter cupcakes with blue piped butter cream.

I was not at all impressed with how they turned out. Everything imaginable went wrong.

For starters, the icing is supposed to be blue to match the cases, but it turned out green and I wasn't game enough to add more colouring in case it turned out dark blue. I thought I'd be smart and pre-prepare the butter cream and stick it in the fridge...worst idea. Ever. It turned into hard playdough. And the next batch of icing for some reason caused me a lot of grief when pushing it through my piping gun. As you can see some of the icing is just a blob of mess. I blame my piping gun for this, it is definitely a difficult tool to use if you have arthritis. My hands were hurting for days afterwards. I'm totally searching for and investing in an arthritis friendly piping tool. That's for sure.

And the taste? Well, it wasn't terrible but it wasn't to my standards either. Totally not my fault- my electric beaters broke so they turned out a little on the heavy side compared to my nearly perfect last batch. They also didn't rise very well because of this.That's what happens when you use electric beaters that are older than you! Time for some new beaters for sure! The only thing I love are the gorgeous cases and the sugar roses and butterflies.

All things considered, they were good, just not quite good enough to sell them but I'll get there... new beaters and a new piping gun and these will be sure to turn out a treat! I'm hoping to experiment with some birthday cupcakes over the weekend!


Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Nail Files Thursday: Revlon 'Plummy' Glitter Manicure

I have a glitter manicure to show you! I'm hooked on glitter nail polish at the moment, absolutely love it... the removal of it, not so much. I'm currently wearing OPI 'Last Friday Night' from the Katy Perry range and oh my I've never had so many compliments on my nails in my life, but just to be a tease I'll show you that mani some other time. Ha! The manicure I have to show you today is one I did last year:

I used three coats of Revlon 'Plummy' as my base (below) and decided that it needed a little jazzing up...

So I whipped out an old al cheapo bottle of silver and pink glitter polish and voila! Compliments guaranteed!

Materials needed:

  • Revlon nail polish 'Plummy'
  • Your favourite bottle of glitter nail polish


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Beyond The Realm Of Reality

I've entered the realm of insanity. I hardly feel human. At times it feels like life is running in slow motion, I feel like I'm walking around in some strange dream but the reality is this is real- and it's a nightmare. Being doped up on drugs will do that to you. Spending two weeks popping panadiene forte isn't at all pleasant. Sure, the side effects may be worth it if it actually helped to dull the pain but I'm still suffering, with no end in sight. Severe back pain believed to be caused from endometriosis means that everyday is now a struggle to survive, I'm merely existing.

When the pain happens to allow me to escape from home, I no longer can stay out for lengthy periods of time due to drug induced fatigued. I feel like an alien existing on some foreign planet. I feel dizzy and generally just really weird. Forget hangovers. I feel more than whacked around by a few too many drinks. Ever since the onset of sudden back pain over three weeks ago, I've seen it invade the little life I had left. The pain has been my constant companion and I'm wondering how can this pain be real. It's ridiculous.

I've never had pain just below and in between my shoulder blades before. It's a new pain and it's intense, apparently associated with endometriosis. You would think two weeks on panadiene forte should have done the trick. The pain is so bad that it makes me wonder how could I not have injured it? It doesn't hurt to touch and it appears completely "normal" which is why the doctors are guessing it's referred pain from endometriosis but hell does it hurt. I can't ever remember being in this much pain with endometriosis and I've never had to rely on panadiene forte persistently to relieve some of my pain. It doesn't make sense. I'm worried something else is going on and I'm scared that there will be no solution to this pain. Something is amiss, I know that for sure.

I've been patiently waiting to see another gynaecologist next week but inevitably I wound up at the doctors yet again today because the pain became too unbearable. I'm tired, I'm frustrated, I cry at any little thing, I'm miserable and I'm moody. My given options today? #1. Get an urgent appointment to see a different gynaecologist this week #2. Try opiates (taking into consideration I already feel drugged from the panadiene forte, opiates will make this feeling worse) #3. Look into getting private health cover to speed up surgery (people are not so reassuring about this one) #4. Rock up at emergency to prove I'm struggling. (Tempting but I don't feel like sitting in emergency for hours when I can predict what will happen- they'll just drug me up and send me home, may as well just get the drugs from my doctor)

I decided on option one. I've been kindly given an appointment for this week. I feel sorry for this doctor- three weeks of constant chronic and at times severe pain... little miss nice went out the window quite a while ago. I'm frustrated with doctors who don't "get it". I'm sick of wasting my money on doctors who don't give a shit and don't take my pain seriously. I'm at the end of my rope here. I'm tired of being doped up on drugs and told "surgery shouldn't be too much of a wait" or "getting pregnant should help with your endometriosis". The getting pregnant part really upsets me the most. Firstly, endometriosis can cause infertility and if I'm having trouble with adhesions on my ovary and bladder that may make conceiving much more complicated. Secondly, Endometriosis shouldn't become my reasoning of wanting a child, and more to the point, I'm dateless. I'm a stay at home young single woman on disability trying to manage living with multiple chronic illnesses. Finding myself a man and having a child isn't on my top priority list.

I don't know how much longer I can keep putting up with this pain. It's becoming quite difficult to deal with but I am so grateful that it isn't worse than what it is. One good thing about the pain is that it constantly reminds me that I'm alive and that I have so much to live and be thankful for. I can come and write a post, write out all the hurt, frustration and confusion and feel much better for it. I can reach out and encourage others who are hurting just as much as I am and I can cheer myself up knowing that I've helped cheer up another. I know that this pain has a purpose and that is what keeps me going day after day. I keep fighting and I keep writing for those who are still awaiting a diagnosis and for those of us who are choosing to hold onto the hope of cure, who are walking in that hope everyday by raising and maintaining awareness. One day a cure will be a reality and no woman will ever have to feel like they are existing beyond the realm of reality feeling as though they are a foreign alien struggling for survival.



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