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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Shabby Chic Saturday: Lilac Affair

I've been in my new bedroom for a couple of months now. Although it's a tight squeeze,  I'm really happy with how it is turning out. I've had to make a few colour scheme adjustments as the quilt cover that I decided on totally threw my previous planned colour scheme out the window. My mission to create the ultimate shabby chic style bedroom is halfway complete! I wish I could say the same for my craft studio but unexpected costs have unfortunately derailed all plans for the time being.

I decided on having light lilac walls for my bedroom. The paint that I selected was Taubmans 'Lilac Affair'. It's a really pretty colour! I wish I could say that this is my bedroom but it's just a photo from the Taubmans website to show you how gorgeous the colour is as it fails to look half decent in my own. This is the kind of style I am going for though, just minus the black furniture. I love the feature mirror above the bed, it's exactly what I'm trying to get my hands on. You can betcha bottom dollar I will find a cheap one some where on the planet! Watch me. I do however have a cheap but gorgeous chandelier decorating my ceiling! It's similar to the one pictured but it's pink... and that's for another post. I would really love to get a picture rail on my walls too so I can hang my mirror (when I find it) and other pictures... just to convince my Dad to whack one up for me. Hmm.

This is a sneak peek of my room. I told you the photo doesn't do the paint justice. I'm wanting to eventually wall paper this wall that my bed is against and have it as a feature wall. I'm thinking purple roses or something along those lines.

You'll have to excuse my hand as I try and show you these prints pressed up against one side of a wall that I have to decorate. Originally I was planning on using these in my craft studio but I'm thinking these prints on canvas will match perfectly with the lilac wall. I picked them up at a discount shop last year for $5 each. Ideally I would like another one as it looks odd with just the two. I'm praying that they'll still have them in stock *I am blessed and highly favoured*. So that's my progress so far. And the mission continues...



Hayley Williams Pawley said...

Pretty colour! My bedroom used to be a similar colour when I was in high school. Cant wait to see more pics of your room! And you're doing so well to be posting nearly every day, I find that the trickiest part. Xo

Krissy said...

i thought that room was yours at first and im like WHOA good effort emily!! lol.. im sure yours will be totally rockin too :) ive got a feature wall in my room (sorta..) i couldnt commit to wallpaper/paint so i hung pretty fabric along the wall! its a bit tattered and sad looking cos ive had it there for like 3 years but it gives a nice vibe to my room. and then you can change the colour scheme whenever you want! just an idea :)

Freelance Search said...

That is so cute! I'm loving the color lilac. And I sure love the butterfly print and your NAILS! LOL. Can't wait to see the outcome of your bedroom.

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