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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Shabby Chic Saturday: Dresser Drawers

I have always wanted a set of dresser drawers to match my bed and now I have one. Finally.

 It's so good to have coordinating bedroom furniture!

I love it!

Now I just need to find some pretty drawer liners to decorate with!

Moving bedrooms doesn't come without its troubles though. When I bought my bedroom furniture I had my doubts that it would all fit in the tiny room. My dad said he was sure that it would fit, so I stupidly went ahead and purchased the furniture.

Dresser drawers, a double bed and two bedside table in this room... seriously, what were we thinking?!

Of course the dresser drawers don't fit in my room. Dad suggested I sell them on ebay and of course I would hear none of it. When it comes to fitting things into small spaces whilst still making the space functional, I'm your woman. I am exceptionally skilled in this area.

I will admit I have a habit of wishing rooms are bigger than they actually are and I'm notorious for hoarding having way too many belongings but I simply will not compromise on space.

When I visualise how I want my room (can you tell I've moved houses way too much, maybe that's were I picked up this skill?) space doesn't defeat when I am determined.

Or maybe I just watch too many interior design shows. Well, I did also want to study interior decorating if I didn't get into education at university but we all know how well both of those dreams didn't come true. Yet.

Now I'm babbling.

I'm actually lucky I can get away with squishing a double bed and two bedside tables in my bedroom! So how did I get my drawers in as well? Seeing as I'm Chronically Creative, I came up with the ridiculous genius idea of ripping off my sliding wardrobe doors to fit it in my wardrobe.

But now I have no wardrobe doors and the now limited hanging space is hilariously stupid for a girl who has too many clothes a love of fashion.

Houston, we have a problem. You should see what it looks like now (I'll show you in another post), oh lordy it looks chaotic! I'll come up with some solution though. I always do.




Alanna said...

I'm about to embark on the same journey Emily! I'm upgrading my single bed to a queen and it is going to take a lot of creativity to make it work in here!

Can't wait to see the final product of your creative genius :)

Emily Ruth said...

oh gosh! The extra room in bed makes up for the lack of walking/storing space though so it's totally worth it!

Hey I can't comment on your blog anymore and this makes me really sad :( ever since blogger broke I can't comment using my google account for some reason. Some people can and some people can't. Apparently there are quiet a few bloggers experiencing this problem and they've found that changing your comment box to pop up works.

So could you pretty please change your comment box from embedded under post to a pop up window comment box and make sure there is the option of name/url like mine?

That would make my day and means I can comment again. x


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