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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What I'm Wearing #2

Kicking off another edition of 'What I'm Wearing', here's a winter outfit from last month for all you fashion lovers:

I think this outfit is missing something. A necklace, maybe?

Jeans: BigW
Boots: Target

I got these boots on clearance for $10!! They do have a bit of a heel so I can't wear them for long periods of time, but I am so glad I bought them, I absolutely love them. They really aren't fibromyalgia and arthritis appropriate, let me tell you! But I do love my fashion and I'm willing to suffer for it (sometimes I do wonder if the throbbing, searing and burning pain in my feet is in fact worth it). Although, I hardly get to wear them so when I do feel up to going out, I want to feel sexy in a pair of hot high heel boots! Thank you very much.

White top: Harris Scarfe
Jumper: Top Shop

I know, I know- terrible quality photos! I don't know what happened!!


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Marita said...

You look awesome and rock the boots.

Alanna said...

Love the jumper :)

I'm sure we all sacrifice our health for some hot high heeled boots at some stage! ;)

deb aka murphthesuf said...

You look wonderful! I like the idea of a necklace...maybe a chunky one but haven't looked into what fall jewelry fashion is hot right now. Or maybe a thick belt but not sure if you can wear those types of belts and the sweater might be a bit short for a thick belt. And what a great buy on the boots!

Miss Chronically Creative said...

Thank you everyone!

@Deb: I really love the idea of a necklace, not quite sure what would work though.. I'm kind of thinking a scarfe now! I like the sound of a big chunky belt, I should try it and see if it works!

Krissy said...

Your hair is lighter!! :D It looks so good!


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