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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What I'm Wearing #8

We went out to dinner last week to celebrate Papa Bear's birthday. This is what I wore:

It was quite cold last week, I cannot believe I had to wear this outfit in Summer. It has warmed up this week though, thankfully. Oh and yes, I have had my hair done! It looks better and even more gorgeous in person.  I'm still getting used to it as I was so used to my hair being so light. I've gone back to my natural colour with a very slight reddish tinge added in. So much better than light brown/dark blonde foils. I only went lighter to try something different (and my hairdresser convinced me), it was okay for a change but I am definitely a dark brunette baby.

Boots: Payless shoes
Leggings: Target
Dress & Cardigan: Valleygirl


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Talitha said...

Awwww, I wish I had fashion sense like you.

In fact, I wish I just had clothes I could wear in this climate. Moving from Melbourne to Cairns to Brisbane somehow lost me all my mid-weather clothes. I have stuff for snow and stuff for when its blazing hot and nothing in between.

Alanna said...

I am hating on this weather right now!! I want to organise my wardrobe and do some summer clothes shopping but I'm not quite convinced it's time to put away the jeans and sweaters! Love your look, and love the hair :) Fabulous!!

Miss Chronically Creative said...

Talitha- I try and copy mannequins but I put together a cheaper version of the outfit & I copy models from catologues because I am absolutely hopless! Yep, I struggle with the inbetween weather too, so frustratin!

Alanna- Same!! I went out last week and the weather report said it would be 19 so I chucked on a thin top, jeans and boots- and I got so hot that I had to blast the aircon in my car. I never know what to wear for inbetween weather. Naww, thanks doll :-)


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