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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The post where I have a whinge about how damn awful I feel, and how pissed off I am with people and things.

I am royally pissed. I am NOT a happy camper. I've got my cranky ranty pants on. Again. PMS has come early, it seems. Oh heck.
It's days like these that make me feel like slapping someone in the face. With a shovel. But releasing pent-up anger in a post will have to suffice. Let's hope it relinquishes my hormonal-emotional-fatigued-need-to-shoot-someone state. Lord have mercy.
Behold, the ever expanding list of people and things that annoy the shit out of me;
- Stupid people. The world is full of morons, I tell you! An overwhelming amount. It seems morons make up the majority of the population. I'm talking about people who are dishonest and just downright dumb. Now I would need more than a couple of posts to write about these idiotic individuals, but for now I'll briefly describe two people who have pissed me off. Big time. I am gobsmacked by the dishonest actions of a pizza delivery dude who requires a whole entire post dedicated to his stupidness and extremely poor parking skills. Some idiot on Pinterest has also pissed me off by posting a picture from my blog that I didn't even want on the site, without my permission, and had the nerve to express her stupid opinion and argue with me! People are entitled to an opinion, but not when it violates copyright laws. Good grief.
- Dumb drivers. Slow drivers especially vex me out. Driving 50kmph in an 80 zone? Push your foot on the accelerator a little harder and drive, it's not that bloody hard! If you want to disobey the road rules, that's your dumb decision, not mine. So don't get upset and wave your hands at me and hurl abuse because I am doing the RIGHT thing. Don't veer towards my lane and wonder why I am tooting you and screaming, I don't want dints in my car thankyouverymuch. And what's with people who don't know how to merge properly? Your lane cuts off, not mine, you should have thought about that three seconds ago sunshine, so don't go getting all fisty-cuffs at me, ya hear? There just aren't enough middle fingers.
- Roosters that crow like trumpets. Some neighbour has decided to raise a rooster in their backyard, which just so happens to be near my bedroom window. It's crow sounds more like a freaking trumpet and as sure as the sun will rise, the trumpet will wake me up every.single.damn.morning. Lord give me strength.
-Facebook. It has lost its sparkle for me. The world is full of idiots, and most of them are on facebook. Except the people on my page, they are ridiculously awesome. There are just far too many people in my newsfeed who constantly complain about trivial things. Now I realise I am pretty angry over some silly things, but I am venting in a blog post which I only do occasionally- that's different. I never complain on facebook, and I hate seeing others whinge about being sick with a cold, having homework, or about how much they hate having to get up for work. There are people who are dying in the world- get some freaking perspective!!! Oh for the love of cheese.
- Medication side effects. Having to pee a few too many times during the night, stomach discomfort, fatigue, bloating, wind, weight gain and pimples. For goodness sake, piss off! Can't you give a girl a break?
- Brain fog. Lately I've had the brain functioning of a goldfish. Blog posts take a frustrating amount of time to produce these days.
- Fatigue flare. I've been partying hardcore lately, and I'm really suffering for it now. I feel damn awful. I hate having to sacrifice so much just to enjoy a few nights out here and there. I hate that it takes me days and sometimes weeks to recover. I made cupcakes the other week and went to young adults group at church, and for days I haven't been able to do a thing. It's freaking frustrating! What's worse is that we're going away this weekend for a week and my body is shouting at me that I've overdone it by miles. But we don't even know if we're still going yet either, which brings me to my next point;
- Cancer. Nana Bear has just been diagnosed with cancer, and at this stage doctors don't even know if there is anything they will be able to do. She goes back into hospital this week, so they can work out what treatments they may try. The not knowing is upsetting and it's a nightmare having to see your family sad and stressed. Cancer can go suck it.
I'm glad I got that out. I feel much better for it. What has got you annoyed? Let's commiserate x

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Anonymous said...

I agree -- people are stupid and getting more stupid all the time.
I've been on the phone all morning, getting the run-around as usual. If you call three times, you get three different answers! And, then you get letters about letters you never received.

For example, I had a piece of mail tampered with, and talking with the woman at the post office about it was like talking to a brick wall -- and I should apologize for defaming the brick wall!

I'm a pedestrian, and I could rant for hours about drivers who almost run me over because they're not paying attention, too busy on the phone or texting -- both illegal -- or don't follow the law which gives pedistrians the legal right to cross the road! I go to a place I call "ritzy ville" on the train to do shopping and such. There, everyone drives a fancy car -- at least if I get run over, there should be some money in it, lol. And, then the folks who beep at cars that are letting me cross the street. Often folks give me the nasty look when they almost hit me in the crosswalk. I must admit I scream at them that it's a crosswalk, but most have their windows up, so they don't hear me. Aarrgghh

Sorry to hear that your health is in such a state! You have every right to rant about that and other things! Hope the rant helped you feel a bit better.
Good luck with your time away!

And, I know how bad PMS is; I used to have about one good week a month just after my cycle before I started to get all the symptoms!

So continue to rant whenever you feel the need. You will get lots of empathy, I'm sure.

Sorry I haven't been dropping by of late. I'm off facebook -- just too overwhelming for me. Google + seems too confusing and I haven't been to pininterest yet, but I should check and see if there is anything of mine up there.

I can't remember if you have a creative commons or other sort of copyright on your blog. If not, you should look into getting one -- they are usually free. Also, I know someone who always adds to their blog, that if this is being read NOT on her blogsite, to let her know by email where the blog entry appeared.

Wishing you some sunshine, energy, calmness, peace, freedom from pain, and all the best. I have you in my thoughts and will make sure to send some healing and good thoughts your way. Gentle as cotton-wool clouds (((((hugs))))) to you.

Anonymous said...

I think my comment stuck to your blog. It was long and empathetic. Hope it stuck -- I didn't write it in microsoft word first and cut and paste. I should do that more as my comments often seem to disappear!

Wishing you better health, a good trip, sunshine, energy, peace and calm, flowers, fairies in your garden, and all the best. Fluffy, gentle cotton-wool (((((hugs))))) to you. I'll send you some good thoughts and healing ones too.

abcsofra said...

Rant! Rave! Carry on! You deserve the time and attention for a good rant! And yes, FB has fallen from my grace as well. I am just amazed at what people throw out there. Did you hear on the news where employers are now asking for prospective employees to give them a friend on their facebook for the employer to look over or their password. Ummmm.....did some say...clean up time!

Anonymous said...

Agree totally about pms and cf body punishment. I have been seething since Sunday - if thoughts had more power - I'd have put a few people in hospital by now... Mainly for the crime of not reading my mind - but also for being self absorbed and thoughtless.
Am working on losing my 'victim' mentality but it's comfortable, I've had it a while now and bad things keep happening to poor me dammit.
Want my health back. Arrgggghhh!!!!

Ok, thanks. I feel better now x

Chris Dean said...

#1, LOVE the new blog layout! (I know, I'm running behind!)
#2, Let it out! It's good for your health...and flippin' awesome to see someone else fed up with idiots and whiners!

Miss Chronically Creative said...

@ phylor- oh I know the feeling! Don't get me started on drivers who don't pay attention to crossings grrr. That used to be me going to work on public transport, oh how I don't miss those days of nearly getting hit.

No worries, I am so behind, I plan on getting caught up over easter so I will be by.

I do have my copyright stated in the disclaimer but it doesn't stop people from posting to pinterest, because they don't care about reading your terms and conditions. They stupidly think that because you have a public blog, your images are free for all. Um, hell no! I think I'll write a post about it and stick a link to it clearly in my sidebar.

Wishing you a great easter! x

Miss Chronically Creative said...

@abcsofra yes, people on facebook never fail to amaze me! People are totally different in a bad annoying way. Some of the things people post shock me. I only use it for my blog page mainly. Yes I did hear about that, scary! It concerns me a little that if I ever apply for another job, the employer can search my name in google and up comes my blog... major downside of blogging publicly. Some days I wish I started off anonomously.

I hope you have a wonderful easter!

Miss Chronically Creative said...

@ anonymous HA! You and me both!! I get really angry and pissed off when my health punishes me for doing one small thing, I understand your frustration! I went through a victim mentality time too, it's so NORMAL when you're dealing with a life changing chronic illness, so don't be too hard on yourself. I found blogging REALLY helped with this. You are more than welcome to email me anytime if you want to rant or need to chat :-)

Miss Chronically Creative said...

@ Chris Dean- thankyou so much! I'm glad you like it :-) I'm pretty happy with it! Bahaha, you're a legend! I hope you have a fab easter!


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