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Monday, April 30, 2012

Card Making Monday: Floral & Striped Happy Mothers Day Card

Ideas for cards haven't been coming easy as of late, but the other morning I woke up to see my hand cream tube sitting on my bedside table, and inspiration struck. Yes, that's right, I created a card inspired by the pretty print on the tube.

I thought the design was perfect for a Mothers Day card.

I can't believe I've had this tube for so long and never thought twice about it. The print is perfect for a card design and layout. It's genius.

Inside card message

Materials used: pink cardstock, kaisercraft mini clear stamps, red cardstock, white cardstock, fiskars lace border bunch, grant archival paper chic paper by christina re, kaisercraft miss nelly collection in her smile, red ribbon.

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Turning Two

Two years ago I started on my blogging adventure. I had no idea where it would take me and I never imagined that I would be blessed to meet such amazing, encouraging, courageous and inspirational people through it.
I was struggling with depression and thoughts of self harm. I felt isolated by my illnesses. I felt disconnected and lonely. I was frustrated and angry, hardly coping with the emotional turmoil and chaos that chronic illness had brought into my life. I felt abandoned, discouraged and hopeless. I took these feelings out on my family who have done nothing but support me. I would try to keep how I was feeling to myself, and not take it out on others but when grief got the better of me, I would explode like a volcano. I was miserable and very unpleasant to live with.
I saw a couple of counsellors, but sitting and talking to a stranger who didn't understand my symptoms while feeling extremely exhausted didn't really help me all that much. If anything, it left me feeling more drained.
I knew I needed to reach out and connect with other people going through the same thing, who could relate to how I was feeling, but I didn't know how. After years of battling symptoms of which people struggled to understand the severity of, I needed validation.
I thought about searching for a local support group that I could attend, but I was afraid that they would be all doom and gloom. I was also worried that I would be the youngest one there because Fibromyalgia typically affects middle aged people. A counsellor did suggest trying to find some support online and I immediately shot that idea down, because I was wary about online support forums. I was terrified that a stalker would come across my profile, hack into my computer, track me down and kill me. Boy, has this blogger come a long way!
Enough was enough though. I knew I needed to try something different. I wanted to find a way to cope and live successfully with chronic illness, if that was possible. After three weeks of sleeplessness (I kid you not) due to the side effect of insomnia from an anti-depressant I was trying, I logged onto my laptop in the middle of the night and did a search for chronic illness forums, which then led me to find some intriguing blogs about living and coping with chronic pain and illness.
Lack of sleep led me to find so many wonderful, encouraging, supportive, and helpful chat forums and blogs. I discovered a world of people who knew my pain. I wasn't alone, and for once I didn't feel like I was. I read through so many different blogs that night, written by people who were brave and honest enough to put their feelings out there. I had finally found people that shared similar experiences I could relate too, and I wanted to connect. I wanted to share and tell my story too.
So, I took the plunge. I opened up a Blogger account and have never looked back since. I had no knowledge of blogging whatsoever, and I had little idea what I would write about (I knew I couldn't keep harping on about illness all the time) or what direction I would take it. I didn't know how I would manage to keep up with it, and I didn't know if anyone would even want to read it. But I needed to find my voice. I needed to express myself creatively.I knew I just needed to write. I had too. My survival depended on it.
It has taken me sometime to find my groove and discover what works and what doesn't. I eventually learned that if I wanted to have a somewhat successful blog, I needed to believe in it, and with so many other talented chronic illness bloggers, I knew I needed to bring something different to the blogosphere. I wanted to deliver a chronic illness blog with a different approach- a creative take on illness. A blog with variety that has something for everyone.
It has taken much effort and time to get to where I am today. There were so many days where I just wanted to give up because it felt as though I was talking to a brick wall, but post after post I kept putting me and my little blog out there and the people came. I started hearing from people who felt the same way I did. I started receiving many emails from people thanking me for my blog and the difference it made in their life.
Every time I log onto a sweet encouraging comment and hear about how many people love this blog and are inspired to live creatively despite illness, I am humbled. I truly didn't start this blog for others. I did it for myself, for my own sanity, and the fact that there are people telling me that they are encouraged by it is really amazing. It makes the bad days worth it.
Blogging has given me the opportunity to meet and get to know such wonderfully incredible, talented people from around the world who I otherwise would have never known. Blogging has transformed and saved my life. I'm not as depressed, I no longer need anti-depressants and I cope a lot better. During bad times, I can release my frustrations and fears without taking it out on the people around me and I can share my achievements with people who I've never met, but who I know care.
Blogging has given me a reason to live, it has given my life purpose again. I can connect and still be apart of life without even leaving my bedroom.
I am so thankful that I can log onto this blog, my facebook page and twitter. I have somewhere to go to express myself and be honest with where I'm at. I am so blessed to be able to reach out to and connect with others who on a bad day, help put a smile on my face.
I am incredibly grateful for those who take the time out to read my blog and support me, and I am so proud to be apart of such a wonderful blogging community. To say thank you, I am hosting a kick arse baking giveaway this coming week, as voted by you! Here's a sneaky peeky.
This year my treasured readers will have a real advantage, so stay tuned! x
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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Why I wish money grew on trees

Don't you ever wish money grew on trees? I do. Being a craftaholic, a fair chunk of my pay goes into buying the latest craft tools, stamps and embellishments, which don't come cheap.

My papercraft addiction combined with my handbag fetish, and my obsession with facial skincare products means that sometimes my savings suffer.

This year I definitely want to save more, which is why I wish money grew on trees, because as of late I have been drooling over these beauties, that I just can't help wanting... no, needing.

Kaisercraft are killing me. I am a goner whenever I walk into that store. Their latest collection, Charlottes Dream, is absolutely gorgeous. Shabby chic, vintage style cards? Yes! Love, love, love, love, love, love, love, LOVE!

I urgently need a variety of die-cut shapes for both cardmaking and scrapbooking. I like the look of  the Spellbinders Nestabilities die-cuts. They come in zillions of funky shapes and they are compatible with my cuttlebug too!
I so want need a Cricut Cake machine. It does all the crafty things I want PLUS it produces thousands of shapes, fonts, messages and designs for professional looking cakes. Oh. my. gosh. must. have.

Groupon have some great online coupons. Their daily deals keep popping up on facebook and in my gmail account to torment me. I like the sound of some of those spa treatment packages. You can check out their Australian site here, and their New Zealand one here.

I have wanted a Nissan Micra to zip around in ever since they came out. In lilac. Lurve.

I use to have a treadmill. It was my 18th birthday present way back when I had a love for exercise and fitness. When I got sick I would walk a little bit each day in my pyjamas. That was until Brother Bear broke it (by accident). Oh how I miss that machine. I want another. In pink to be precise.

I am a skincare junkie. I'm a huge fan of face masks. I desperately want to try the Dermalogica range. If only they didn't cost $50-$70 {sigh}.

You all know how much I love nail art. This professional Konad stamping kit would be fab! It screams fun times, creativity and happiness. What a pity it costs a whopping.... wait for it.... $540!!  Yup. I kid you not. Think nail art is a cheap hobby? Well, if you're obsessed like me, think again.

It's amazing how much joy some sparklicious nails bring me. I just adore the muppets collection from OPI. I want one in every colour.

I recently ordered some blog cards from Vistaprint. I'm really happy with them! Now, when I finally get to a blog event or when people ask me for my blog details I now have a card to give instead of some crappy writing on paper. Yay! I could go mental with making some cute blog stationary.

So there you have it. My reasons for why I wish money grew on trees. There are just too many nice and pretty things.

What things are you drooling over?

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Blab About Beauty Tuesday: MooGoo MSM Soothing Cream Review

MooGoo MSM Soothing Cream is one of my favourite moisturisers, purely because of its healing properties. It is Australian made and contains soothing natural ingredients which help calm and repair irritated skin. It is fragrance free and it contains no nasties like paraffins and mineral oil. MSM is used for its inflammation reducing properties, which is a godsend for someone suffering medication induced acne like me. It has been proved to be a skin softener and is used in anti-ageing preparations.
This product hasn't had any fragrance added to it, so don't expect it to smell fancy. It does smell kind of weird, but after its absorbed into your skin you barely notice it. I was really impressed with the packaging, it's a decent size which should last you a couple of months if you're using it daily, and the pump is extremely convenient. It's fairly priced too.
This cream is rich and incredibly hydrating. With regular use, it will leave you skin super soft and silky. Personally, I didn't find this product suitable for daily use, nor morning use as it's a little heavy and my skin can get quite oily. I use it after I've exfoliated a few times a week, and I find it a fantastic treatment following a homemade facial as it helps re-hydrate my skin.
If I'm experiencing the occasional eczema flare up, I'll use a little of this cream on the affected are and within days it disappears. If you suffer from dermatitis, dry skin, eczema or mild acne I highly recommend this product. If you're going to use this product to help heal blemishes and control acne and your skin is oil-slick prone, I suggest using it alternate nights.
Ingredients: Purified water, sweet almond oil, olive oil, emulsifying wax, MSM (organic sulphur), allantoin (comfrey root active), aloe vera, vitamin E, apple cider vinegar, glyceryl caprylate, p anisic acid (basil extract), piroctone olamine, guarsilk, honey.
Would I purchase this product again?: Absolutely!
Price: $17.95
Size: 75G
My Rating: 4/5
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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Things I'm aiming to achieve in 2012

It's the middle of April already? Whaaaat! Time is just flying- it's scaring me a little. Recently, I had a bit of a freak out about where I am heading this year and my lack of direction. Then I realised that I haven't even set some small goals which I want to focus on achieving this year.
So, without further ado, here are the serious and silly things I'd like to accomplish (which I think are achievable for me despite chronic illness):
- Learn how to sew. Mamma and Papa Bear bought me a lovely sewing machine for my birthday a few years ago. I know, I'm such a terrible daughter for not pursuing this desire to learn sooner, but this is my year to learn. Yep. I'm currently looking into getting some private lessons.
- Prioritise socialising. For years, my social life has been sitting in the toilet. Not again this year if I can help it. This year it's time to invest what energy I do have into meeting new people and making new friends, before exercise and hobbies.
- Eat dessert before dinner. Wait. I already do that.
- Worry less. At times, I do worry about the future and stress about what I can't yet do. Silly, hey? I want to change this. Although, it's easier said than done, especially if you are young with "your whole life ahead of you" and chronic illness interferes with it on a daily basis. Of course I'm still going to be upset about my circumstances, but if I can at least work at being more positive and stressing less, then that's progress.
- Find some place that sells ah-mazing hot jam donuts. I lived ten minutes away from the best hot jam donuts ever. That was until they shut up shop. They just so happened to be a few doors down from my chemist, so whenever I picked up scripts (which was a lot), I'd collect some delicious donuts too. If I was having one of those days, I'd drive down and get some as consolation for how crap I was feeling and they would help cheer me up. I was absolutely devastated when they closed- shed some sulky sulk tears and all. Spiraled into a deep depression, I did. Ever since (which has been quite a while) I haven't found any that taste anywhere near as amazing. Bitterly disappointed. I desperately need to find some hot jam donuts that taste as good or better. My emotional wellbeing depends on it.
- Make a pavlova. It's one of my favourite cakes (yes, I have a few!), and yet I've never made one. There's nothing quite like a good pavlova.
- Decorate a cake. I'd like to attempt to decorate a cake properly, instead of just slopping some frosting on. You know, fancy fondant and all that jazz.
- Grow some balls and get a new piercing. I have the standard ear piercings but for years I've been wanting to get a nose or belly button piercing (maybe even both) but I'm too scared. Yep, I've had seven surgeries, impacted wisdom teeth, carpal tunnel syndrome, have endured the shocking pain of urinary retention TWICE, and I stab myself with a needle that stings like a bitch every fortnight. I'm weird, I know.
- Learn how to colour with copic markers. Yes indeed, I did invest in markers which are incredibly difficult to use. Without realising, of course! The tutorials are deceptive. It is not as easy and effortless as the videos make out. You have to possess ridiculous talent and skill, of which I do not have. I'm hoping I'll just get better with practice, which I plan on doing a lot of. If any classes pop up in my area, I'm going.
- World domination. Ok so I'm dreaming, but I do want to get myself out there in the big wide world and make connections as I do have plans to start a world wide creative chronic pain ministry, which I will need a lot of help with.
- Blast my horn at blithering idiot drivers. This may surprise you considering I have given someone the finger (oops) when driving, but since driving solo, I've never used my horn. Usually all my concentration is focused on slamming on my brakes, and I am then left stunned and shocked at their stupidity. This needs to change. I need to toot my horn and scream, because people need to know that they are driving like a dumb ass.
- Say no without feeling guilty. I shouldn't have to apologise for feeling like crap, it's not my fault. I shouldn't have to explain why I put my health first, and I shouldn't have to justify what I choose to do or not do. I need to stop feeling guilty over something which I can't control. If people aren't understanding, that's their problem, not mine. You just can't please everyone.
- Express my opinion more. This will have to be in the form of blogging more than face to face, or I will be in a lot of trouble! Ha!
- Have a pyjama party. Pizza, pyjamas, fluffy slippers, popcorn and movies. I think so!
- Cook some meals. I need to branch out from baking. May as well try to put the skills I picked up in my year 12 food technology studies to good use. I got an A+ and I need not waste that talent anymore.
- Finish putting the final touches on my shabby chic style bedroom. I really want to see the bedroom of my dreams completed so I can enjoy it before prince charming comes along and I have to compromise on pretty frills and colours. It's gonna happen soon. Some sweet guy is going to realise that I am a freaking goddess.
- Find myself a hawt pair of purple boots to rock. I have been on the lookout for far too long. I did see a pair in a shop a few years back but decided not to get them because they were suede. Boy am I regretting that decision now because I can't even find some suede ones at least anymore. I did happen to find some when holidaying but they had really high heels. Boo hoo.
- Start selling some crafts. I'd really like to make some spare change selling some of my handmade cards this year. That is the goal.
- Gain confidence. My self esteem has really plummeted because of the weight I've put on with Prednisolone. For some reason, chronic illness has shaken my confidence all of a sudden, which is partly the reason why I don't go out and socialise. I definitely want to work towards becoming more confident and feeling less ashamed about having a chronic illness. Sounds ridiculous that I feel ashamed, but that's just how I'm feeling, which is for another post.
- Attend church more often. I wish I had more energy, but sometimes the things I want to get done during the week suck up all the energy I have and so I'm feeling too tired to go to a night service or am too smashed to get up to go to the morning service with my family. I would like to go more, maybe I'll have to occasionally sacrifice baking some cupcakes or going out with friends in order to get there.
- Get fit. Now I can't go all hardcore and exercise like the healthy me did, but I can work on increasing my fitness within my limitations. I'm currently working towards exercising everyday by doing gentle activities like yoga, pilate's and short aerobic workouts. I'm currently averaging 10 minutes a day. I'm coping, just. Ideally, I'd like to be exercising for 30 minutes every day which is quite the challenge with CFS, but I'm aiming to get there one day.
- Find balance. When I sit down and belt out a blog post, the things I want and need to get done fall by the wayside. When I concentrate on other things, my blog gets neglected. I somehow need to find a balance as soon as possible!
What things are you aiming for this year?
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Monday, April 16, 2012

Poetry and Praise: I Have Faith For This

I wrote the following poem last night, my first for this year, out of the frustration of unrelenting fatigue. It's about holding onto the faith I have in God in spite of the weariness and His promise of healing at a time when all I feel like doing is giving up on my health and letting my faith go. It's a reminder that no matter what situation I am struggling with, the hope I have in God is my strength.

I Have Faith For This

Without victory in the valley
Blinded by a dark alley
I declare- I have faith for this.
In the depths of great despair
When it seems as none do care
At the bottom I know
You, oh Lord are there.
Through desperation
And in times of drought
When my mind filled with doubt
I will shout- I have faith for this.
In the mid-day scorching sun
Will I pick up my shield and run
In grace divine, sovereignty sublime
Is where I'll find- I have faith for this.
Drowning in an ocean
To you oh, Lord I give my devotion
Be still my shaking soul
Let faith bind the broken hole.
When the mountain cannot be moved
And in attempt at conquer
I am left bleeding and bruised
When the ground beneath is shaking
It is faith which I pursue.
In trepidation, my spirit weak, heart breaking
In the crackling of quaking thunder
In whatever may encumber
Through trembling lips
I'll speak- I have faith for this.
Upon unsteadiness of rugged terrain
Faith be the one thing that remains
Caught in raging rapids where rescue
Seems beyond sights reach
I'll scream- I have faith for this.
When buried under rubble
Battling strain and struggle
My mind a chaotic muddle
I'll repeat- I have faith for this.
During a mighty downpour
When I feel I can go no more
I will kneel in reverent bliss
Arms outstretched, hands raised
Hope I uplift- I have faith for this.
Faith that better days are coming
Faith that I'll soon be soaring
Faith that the dawn overcome darkness
Faith that there is an end to hardness.
Faith in the rising of the sun
Faith that this battle will be won
Faith that God's will be done
Faith that His promises will prevail
Faith in dreams setting sail.
No matter how hard it gets
Nor how wide my problems stretch
I continue to believe for
What I wish to receive
I have faith for this
I have faith for this.
Written by Emily Ruth © ChronicallyCreative.net, 2012.
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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Shabby Chic Saturday: Bathroom Renovations Part 2

This is what my bathroom has looked like since... well, I can't remember. Yes it has been that long!

Obviously I haven't been able to use it in the state that it's in, so I've been sharing the upstairs bathroom with three other family members, which has been a pain in the arse alright, but I am really ready to have my bathroom back, let me tell you! I was used to sharing a bathroom with Brother Bear until he moved out, so sharing with three others is quite a stretch for me! I know, first world problems hey.

I've become accustomed to not being able to just jump right in and brush my teeth whenever, and being unable to shower when it suits me. I have to work around everyone else's routine. Weekdays aren't so bad, but weekends? Oh my. Good golly my parents have birthed a princess.

But finally, my bathroom is getting its long awaited overhaul- with the bonus of a bath tub! I cannot explain how excited I am. It has been a few years since I've been able to soak in a tub with some Epsom salts, and for someone living with fibromyalgia that has been incredibly frustrating. Oh the simple things we take for granted.

In just a few weeks, I'll be back in a bathroom that doesn't leak water into the dining room, or have taps falling off left right and center. Oh jolly joy of joys.

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Friday, April 13, 2012

I Did What I Thought I Wouldn't Be Able To Do

Two weeks ago I did what I thought I wouldn't be able to do. I holidayed like a healthy person. Yep, that's right, I spent seven full days sightseeing like I wasn't a sick person. I did everything a healthy person could do and then some. I did it with an added ailment, too.

On the second day of our trip in the Sunshine State, I fell down a step I didn't know existed and sprained my ankle. I know, I'm all class. I have never sprained my ankle before, or had a swollen foot for that matter, so to me it hurt something shocking. It's still not quite right. But within a few hours of icing and resting it, I became frustrated. I strapped it up real tight and ignored the pangs of pain, and continued my crazy nothing-is-going-to-stop-me-from-enjoying-myself-sightseeing. Yes indeed, I walked the pain of my ankle away.
I strolled through the theme parks, I tackled thrill rides- rough roller coasters, you name it, ate like I was eating for five, shopped myself silly and more. And I only hired a wheelchair for one day. Pretty impressive, huh? Yeah I thought so. It's a miracle all that activity hasn't left me bed bound.

Yes, I did go on that roller coaster. Twice, infact.
Before I left for a week filled with glorious food, fun and sand, I was a little apprehensive and anxious. Ok, I was VERY apprehensive and anxious. I feared I wouldn't be able to cope with the sudden increase in activity, when just carting my luggage through the airport is enough to leave me feeling smashed. But somehow I did it.
Before I arrived, I promised that I would pace myself, listen to my body, and accept that I would probably have to miss out on some activities. However, when sheer excitement took over, all wisdom went out the window! I wanted to experience everything, and so I adopted the attitude of do whatever, and worry about the consequences later. It's amazing what you can achieve when adrenaline kicks in.
There were times when I was enthralled by excitement that I forgot I even had a chronic illness. And then there were times when I felt so damn awful- my body protesting with pangs of pain, and aches in places I rarely experience problematic pain.
But I did what I thought I wouldn't be able to do. Yes it was hard, yes I wanted to give up and surrender to tears, yes I am paying the price now and yes brain fog has increased ten fold, but I did it and I did it well. There weren't even any sulky-sulk-this-is-too-hard-I-can't-do-it-anymore toddler like tantrums.
My holiday as taught me so many valuable things. I was able to better evaluate the success of my new drug Humira. I have no doubt that it's what made my holiday possible. And although I can't keep doing what I accomplished on my holiday week after week (I hope to one day), I realised how blessed I am to be able to act like a somewhat healthy person and go hardcore for at least a week (even though I'm paying for it) - there are many chronic pain and fatigue sufferers who aren't able to do that.
My favourite holiday picture. Don't know why, just is.
During my week away I did nearly more in that week alone than I have done in an entire year. I've realised the restrictions and limitations that I sometimes place upon myself because of my illness, because of fear of post exertional malaise, and because of taking too much care and caution not to over do things are often unnecessary. Of course I need to use wisdom- constantly running around all crazy would just be silly and detrimental to successfully managing my illnesses, but I can still do things. My body still works. I still work. I can still function, just at a limited capacity some days.
And even though I've come back from my holiday pretty pooped, I've come back believing in myself, more hopeful and positive. I have more faith in my decision to return to working a short shift a week soon. And I'm more determined to reach my exercise goals and slowly work towards making some of my dreams a reality.
I thought writing this post wouldn't be possible at present in the thick of fatigue and brain fog, but I sat down, pushed through it and did it anyway. Sometimes you have to just stop thinking and do it. My holiday has helped remind me to stop doubting myself, and to have more confidence in my abilities.
I did what I thought I wouldn't be able to do. I even have the photos to prove it.
PS- more photos coming soon, I promise. x
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Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Nail Files Thursday: Nubar G188 Glitter Flower Decal Manicure

Today I have a flake glitter manicure to show you.

This is Nubar G188. It took a whopping 7 coats to look like this. It's pretty though.

I'd seen this polish featured on many nail art blogs and I really liked the look of it and wanted to try it out for myself. The camera just doesn't capture the fullness of its awesomeness, it has amazing red flecks, mixed with gold, white and silver.

I added some flower decals for something extra. Next time I use it, I think I'll try using it as a base for konad stamping. I reckon some gold or purple swirls will look pretty mad!

I hope you are feeling inspired to experiment.


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Friday, April 6, 2012

Crafty Fridays: Chocolate Nest Egg Easter Cupcakes

I feel terrible that I haven't posted any Easter crafts, so today I somehow managed to whip up a few cupcakes to share with you. Besides, I really felt like a good chocolate cupcake. I'm paying for it now though. Oh heck. I just couldn't resist the temptation of baking though.
Yesterday I though I'd try a cupcake from a cupcakery, thinking it would be amazing. I bought a chocolate one and I was very disappointed by how disgusting it tasted. The icing didn't even taste like chocolate, and it was too sugary sweet. I'm now much more confident about my own cupcakes, and for once I'm going to toot my own horn- mine taste better.
If you're going to bake a chocolate cupcake, you have to do it right. This. This is how you do a chocolate cupcake:
Let me show you how it's done.
Ingredients you'll need for the cake:
1 cup self raising flour
1/2 cup plain flour
1/3 cup cocoa powder
3/4 cup caster sugar
185g softened butter
3 eggs
1/2 cup milk
Ingredients you'll need for the milk chocolate ganache:
1/2 cup cream
200g milk eating chocolate
Treat sized flake bars
36 mini chocolate eggs
1. Preheat oven to 180° C. Line 12 hole muffin pan with paper cases.
2. Sift dry ingredients into medium large bowl, add remaining ingredients; beat with electric mixer on low speed until ingredients are combined. Increase speed to medium; beat until mixture is smooth and has changed to a paler colour.
3. Drop 1/4 cup of mixture into cases. Bake about 20minutes. Stand cakes 5 minutes before turning top side up onto wire rack to cool.
I'd prefer them to taste a little more moister than they did, my blooming oven cooks them too fast no matter how much lower I adjust the temperature. Still experimenting on that one, but other than that they turned out pretty darn good!
4. Bring cream to the boil in a small saucepan; remove from heat. When bubbles subside, add chocolate; stir until smooth.
5. Use electric beaters to get desired whipped texture.
6. Ice cupcakes with ganache using a spatula. Create nests on top using treat sized flake bars.
7. Top with easter eggs.
8. Enjoy a wicked chocolate cupcake- Easter style!

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