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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Why I'll never be a hair stylist blogger

*** Just a little note: In attempt to make post titles a little shorter and more readable, from now on I'm dropping the designated post titles. Don't worry, 'Crafty Fridays' and 'Blab about Beauty Tuesday' aren't disappearing, and you can still expect the same content on those days as before, just without the dragged out title. Cool? Cool. ***

I had planned to post on something a little more interesting today but I'm recovering from a nasty stubborn sinus infection, so it ain't happening. But, in an effort to not neglect this blog entirely, Imma tell you what I've been up to lately.

Attempting new hair styles (and epically failing). That's what.

The 'sock bun' has created a lot of hype. There are tutorials galore on blogs, Pinterest and YouTube. I just love the look of this bun, so I thought I'd try it out.

I soon discovered that it isn't as easy as all the tutorials make out and that the method is far from being arthritis and fibro friendly. Okay, maybe it is easy and I just suck. Or maybe it doesn't work with wayyyy long hair like mine. I don't know. But I've given up hopes of ever sporting a stylish sock bun.

For those of you who don't know what a sock bun is, this is what I was trying to accomplish:

And this is why I'll never be a hair stylist blogger....

I'm rockin' more of a birds nest than a glamorous hairdo. Hott.

There is just toooooo much hair to push inside that sock. Although there are heaps of tutorials that show it being done with long hair- so I don't know why I've failed. Guess I'll just have to settle for my regular drab and boring twist, clip, and pin bun {sigh}.

But for those who feel like giving it a go, here is a great tutorial on a few buns including the one I'm talking about. Maybe you'll have much more success than me.


The sock bun isn't my first fail either. The other week, I thought I'd attempt to get myself some beachy hair following an easy peasy picture tutorial I found on Pinterest. It looked nothing like the stylish hair shown, that's for sure! I've been drooling over hair braiding tutorials as of late too, but I think I'll just quit while I'm ahead!

Have you attempted the sock bun and failed? Console me, please. x


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Alanna said...

Well, I think you look amazing! Give it a new name and call it yours! I have a feeling this is a hairstyle my lil sister has been rocking lately...

I tend to twist my hair around in a bun more often than not, so might give this a go. I doubt I'll get it happening any time soon as once again, can't lift my shoulder above my head.

Alanna said...

PS. Love your pouty face ;)

Cindy Brown said...

Exactly why I keep mine short. One less problem child to fight with in my day. LOL!

Krissy said...

lol at your facial expression!! a bit like me after a bad hair day haha.

I think a messy bun looks cooler than a sock bun anyway! :)

Tamara Epps said...

I've never been able to get my hair to do anything when I follow tutorials so you're not alone. Got to admit that the 'sock bun' isn't that appealing to me anyway though.

Miss Chronically Creative said...

HAHAH @ Alanna! Sorry to hear your shoulder is giving you grief again, how frustrating :(

@ Cindy -- long hair is nice, but it's not very practical some days. My hair just boofs out too much if it's short. I'm jealous!

Miss Chronically Creative said...

@ Krissy -- that face gets me a lot of places in life! LOL! I do love messy buns too, I seem to have no problem with those!

@ Tamara -- ugh. How frustrating is it! They look deceptionally easy *sigh*. Yeah, fair enough. It doesn't suit everyone. Had it worked, I don't know if I'd be able to pull it off.


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